Safety Training Legislation

Thanks to everyone supporting our safety training initiative; the motorcycle training legislation that I have been personally working on is moving through the Senate with a very positive and bi-partisan spirit.  Special thanks to Senator Chip Rogers for his assistance on HB 275.

SB275 is holding in the Senate Public Safety Committee; please take a minute to read it at:

We will be working with the Senate Public Safety Committee when the 2012 General Assembly goes back into session in January to move the bill to the Senate floor for a vote.

We are also working with the GOHS (Governor’s Office of Highway Safety) Motorcycle Division, Lieutenant Scarlett Woods, to possibly incorporate other language into this legislation.  While meeting with Lt. Woods she shared with us that there is an organization developing a coloring book that would be distributed in schools to help teach children, who in turn will help teach their parents, about motorcycle awareness.   Kevin’s Foundation is available and excited to assist in this initiative.

If you have any comments or suggestions or would like to help please contact Karen at:


A Note From the Founder - Karen Bosch

I am personally working to bring forward legislation in 2011 General Assembly of Georgia that would mandate anyone 25 yrs old and under to obtain a certificate issued by an authorized motorcycle training course before being issued a Class M permit. We have the support of the Speaker of the House, and numerous legislators in the House and Senate as well as Northside Cherokee Hospital and other medical providers. A petition is also being circulated within the motorcycle community for you to sign supporting this legislation. While we work to bring awareness we must also educate our young motorcycle riders to keep them alive by providing the necessary safety information they need to navigate the roadways with automobile drivers. Stay tuned as this moves through the General Assembly in 2011….


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